Paper Port Turned to Junk Overnight

I received Paper Port 7 with a scanner. Besides using it with the scanner, I found the included Page View editing program useful and efficient for upgrading image files. I used it mostly to improve JPG files from (CF) camera sticks. The problem:  It was not my imagination that the program would directly edit and save file types other than in its own ".MAX" format. At some point after nothing more than reconnecting the scanner after moving the PC, it started to disable all the editing functions for other file types. The switches are active while the file loads from Paper Port to Page View, and it is even possible to use them if accessed quickly enough, but disable after loading with every file type but .MAX. I tried the usual things like reinstalling, removing for clean installation, System Restore, and all the utility settings that are in the program. I even tried a file and registry search for .MAX extensions in things like .INI files. I read about and experienced first-hand the abysmal service to be had from ScanSoft, such as expecting me to give a bank card number just to connect with them on the phone or even ask a question in E-Mail. I am also afraid the answer will be "It is supposed to work that way." Particularly for sets of photograph adjustments to select from, I really want this program to work but having to convert back and forth between JPG and MAX file types just to edit is intolerable and was unnecessary until now. I suspect someone else must have hit this snag and knows what to do with it, or at least can suggest a replacement with similar functionality.
I am running WinME with all critical updates on a 1.7 GHz P4 with 500 MB of RAM. The scanner is a [cheap but good] Visioneer 8600.
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I can't help you with your main problem (dealing with Paper Port), but perhaps I can help with an alternative.

There are a number of simple photo album programs around which can help sort your photos and do minimal touch-up and corrections. Among the free ones, I suggest trying Picasa. It's now owned by Google, it offers several simple image correction tools, and file sorting and transfer tools.

Another GREAT program for viewing images is IrfanView ( IrfanView does not offer the sorting and file management that Picasa does, but it's hard to beat the image viewing and correction capability in a simple, easy-to-use package.

If you are ready to go with a full-powered image editor, take a look at The GIMP ( This is a FREE fully-functional image editor, which rivals Photoshop in it's power. It is complex, which means there is a bit of a learning curve, but many find that it's easier to master than Photoshop, and you can't beat the price.

Good luck.
Aramis11Author Commented:

Just for an update, I tried your Picasa suggestion and am very impressed with that program.  I looked at an overview of the third one, which shows vast capabilities but also hints it could find some snags running in ME.  I do have some other graphic editors that approach that level of sophistication.  I still plan to try the IrfanView program also but have been very slow about it.  Thanks very much for the help [you are obviously on track for the Accepted Answer at this point].
Aramis11Author Commented:
Really hoped for an answer about why the junk program stopped working correctly but I graded 'A' anyway as the best answer in this string.  That suggested program really is good and thanks for the help.
Thanks for the points and the "A", sorry I could not be of more assistance for your main question.
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