Backup Exec 10 hangs when trying to backup individual mailboxes on Exchange 2003

I am running Backup Exec 10 with an Exabyte VXA2 7 tape autoloader on it own scsi bus. Everything is backing up fine except for the the Exchange mailboxes. It will not backup a single K of any mailbox and the job engine hangs where the only way to stop it is to either restart the server or kill the bengine process.
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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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does the account that veritas is running as have rights to the store?

you've got the exchange agent installed, right? 8^)

cgreinerAuthor Commented:
I finally figured it out. There is an update from Veritas for this specific reason. The update itself didn't work but further reading of the instructions on the page led me to another fix in the registry.

It's cured now. Here is the site link for future reference.

Thanks anyways
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