Network Printers using 98se and ME can't see printer on XP PC...

I have a pc connected to a printer which is shared over a network. Suddenly, it can only now accept print requests from other XP equipped printers not the few in the office running 98SE and ME.

Before we noticed this the printer was accessible to everybody and the only thing that has changed is that a problem on the xp pc with the printer installed was inadvertedly set to print from the MS Document Image printer for a while which caused 100% usage of its CPU.

When the problem was sorted, SP2 was installed onto the pc, could this have caused the problem?

I have turned off the Windows firewall and the McAfee NIS which hasn't made any difference..

Any idea's???

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<< When the problem was sorted, SP2 was installed onto the pc, could this have caused the problem?>>

Yes service pack 2 causes exactly this problem.  Although you can fiddle to try to fix it, the simplest way is to:

1.  uninstall service pack 2
2.  remove all networking devices, protolcs and setup in network neighborhood
3.  reinstall service pack 1
4.  reinstall the networking, and remake the network shares and printer shares.

Others will say you don't have to do this, but I have had many clients where all 98 communication is lost once they install SP2.  It takes all of 1 hour to do the above 4 steps, and it solves the problem.
dercossAuthor Commented:
I found a simpler way that didn't involve removing SP2. I reinstalled the network drivers for the printer and simply recreated the printer shares and all was well....


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Glad that worked.  On several machines, I tired that and it didn;t work, but it depends on the particular network settings.  Usually a removal and reinstall of the networking is enough for "mild" cases, as I pointed out in 2-4.  Items 1-3 were for the tougher cases.  
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