ASP.NET - CDONTS mail - Error:Cannot create ActiveX component.

Since I haven't worked with ASP.NET for over a year, I forgot what I did when my code worked. It is probably some setting, or whatever, but I cannot remember.

My problem is that on the line below (marked with '<<<') I have the error message "Cannot create ActiveX component."
I use WIndows XP with IIS 5 and the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET    (version 2003)
Any help is appreciated.


 Sub SendMail(ByVal strContent As String, ByVal strDate As String)

        Dim strSubject As String = "Review for - " & strDate
        Dim objSendMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") '<<< it is here that the problem occurs
        Dim HTML As String
        'Dim objSendMail As New MailMessage   ' NEW

        Dim js As New JavaScript ' my class

        ' Set all the properties on the NewMail object
        objSendMail.From = conFrom '""
        objSendMail.To = EmailList()

        objSendMail.Importance = 1  '  0: faible 1=normale 2=haute
        objSendMail.BodyFormat = 0  '0
        objSendMail.MailFormat = 0  '0 - HTML; 1 - PlainText
        objSendMail.Subject = strSubject

        objSendMail.Body = strContent

            'Send the message
            'SmtpMail.Send(objSendMail) 'NEW
            js.MsgAlert(Me, "Sent.", "alert")
        Catch exc As Exception
            js.MsgAlert(Me, "Retry.", "alert")
            objSendMail = Nothing
        End Try

    End Sub
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nauman_ahmedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows XP do not ship with CDONTS.dll.  You can copy the CDONTS.dll from c:\winnt\system32 directory of a Windows 2000 PC and the use the regsvr32 CDONTS command to register it on XP box.

Best, Nauman.
It's not classic asp...

Use the built in Mail object in .NET - it's a lot easier.
I think the CDONTS library is needed with the Sytem.Web.Mail namespace.  Any updates?

Thanks, Nauman.

mjasicAuthor Commented:
It worked.
Thank a lot.

mjasicAuthor Commented:
My problem was that I changed a laptop one year ago (XP Pro instead of 2000 Pro) and after that, I never had the opportunity to test my old ASP.NET applications. I didn't know that CDONTS.dll no more exists on XP :(

- CDONTS does not need System.Web.Mail namespace.
- Why I don't use built-in mail object?  Because I have no idea what is the server IP or name. When I finish testing the application on my PC, I copy my site to a test server (does not have SMTP installed), and then the administrator copies the files to a production server.
So, I really don't know what the name of the server is. And the code with Mail object never worked on my laptop (the same reason).

Thanks for help.

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