CDO 8004020f Error

I have a block of CDO code that I use all of the time to send e-mails and it works fine.

We use GFI Fax Maker for faxing and can fax via the Exchange server.

The syntax to send a fax is: [fax:8165551234]

So I am using this syntax:
.To = "[fax:" & faxnumber & "]"

I get the error 8004020f

If I change that line to something like:
.To = ""

It works fine.

I did a Response.Write("[fax:" & faxnumber & "]")
and it is displaying the correct information: [fax:8165551234]
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fruhjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah, and SMTP doesn't know about the faxing extension you have in exchange - just how to send mail...
Lookup in your GFI fax software - they might have a way to associate a mailbox for faxing
Ie sendto = ""
   subject = "FAX:816555.1234"
   body = ...

then if GFI can link to that mailbox on exchange, it might be able to pick up those messages and act on them.
Just a thought...
lpenrodAuthor Commented:
I meant to say that we use the block of code to send to e-mail addresses.  This is the first time I have tried to use it to send to a fax address.
I think CDO by default uses your SMTP server on your local Machine, which you probably have setup to forward SMTP to the exchange server.
SMTP wouldn't have any way of knowing about the faxing capabilities of exchange.
You probably need to play around a bit and see if you can interface with the exchange server directly.
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lpenrodAuthor Commented:
One of the fields is:
Flds(cdoSMTPServer)       = ""

I assume that is the SMTP server that is being used to send the mail.

Thanks Lpenrod!
- Jack
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