How can I setup the PPTP VPN in Cisco PIX?

I using the following command to create the PPTP VPN:
- ip local pool PPTP_POOL
- vpdn group HK_PPTP accept dialin pptp
- vpdn group HK_PPTP ppp authentication pap
- vpdn group HK_PPTP ppp authentication chap
- vpdn group HK_PPTP ppp authentication mschap
- vpdn group HK_PPTP ppp encryption mppe auto required
- vpdn group HK_PPTP client configuration address local PPTP_POOL
- vpdn group HK_PPTP pptp echo 60
- vpdn group HK_PPTP client authentication local
- vpdn username admin password *********
- vpdn enable outside

I can connect to PIX througth PPTP VPN but can't ping any internal address either the PIX inside interface. Is I need to enable some rule to permit PPTP IP pool to inside LAN?
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damn right!

Cannot have the same ip range as the lan - it won't pass the traffic
You should change the local ip pool range to something different - just use a or something similar
If you are using your PIX to nat:

access-list 101 permit ip X.X.X.X       (where X.X.X.X is ip range of local lan)

nat (inside) 0 access-list 101

sysopt connection permit-pptp

That should get you in
kennycpuAuthor Commented:
How about the PPTP IP pool and the local lan network same as ?
access-list 101 permit ip (I think that is unvalid!!)
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