Routing internet traffic through one computer on the network.

This is a fairly simple question, and I am pretty sure it is possible, but Google has unfortunatly failed me.

Ok, so let me start off by explaining my network set-up.  I have a cable internet connection > Linksys Router (BEFW11S4) > 4 computers hard-wired to the router.  Simple enough.  Unfortunatly, the linksys router only lets me forward a maximum of 10 ports to all 4 of my computers.  So, my question is.. is it possible to not forward any individual ports, set one of my 4 computers as DMZ on the router, then have like WindowsXP firewall or some other 3rd party software route the incomming traffic to the specified computer.  (my friend has done something similer on linux using "IPTables") So theoreticly, I would actually be forwarding ports on one of my computers as opposed to on my router, allowing unlimited ammounts of individual ports to be forwarded, and all incomming traffic would first go through the DMZ'd computer.

so, first of all.. is it possible at all?

if it is possible, would it slow down my network or internet speeds any? (all computers are winxp pro w/ sp2 and 100mbps nic cards)

lastly, is it possible with windowsxp firwall? I would rather use software already built into windowsxp as opposed to installing 3rd party software, but whatever it takes.

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Carlo-GiulianiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You probably want to use what Microsoft call "Internet Connection Sharing", or ICS.   But you need a PC with two network adapters.  ICS will use on adapter to talk to the internet, and the other to talk to your "home network."  There are pretty good help files on setting this up in Windows XP.

By the way....why is this question in a WinNT forum if you have Windows XP?

If you have some Windows NT PCs, that is only need one Windows 2000 or XP system to do the Internet Connection Sharing.
evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
Sorry about posting in the wrong area, it was an honest mistake.

The thing you were talking about with the multiple networking cards is how my friend did it on linux.  I was hoping, using DMZ, you could get around having two network cards.
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evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
I am going to give you the points for this one, and open it in the appropriate area.  Sorry about that.

You can have multiple IP addresses on the same network card, but (at least in Windows) they have to be in the same subnet.  I don't think you can do what you want with just one network adapter.  
evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
hmm, ok.. i re-opened it in the microsoft networking forum thing incase someone else has a solution...

here it is,
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