Unable to browse share or local groups of an XP client

We are gradually doing upgrades to our clients, and we are migrating to XP professional.  now I have noticed that when I attempt to browse a client via explorer (i.e. \\CLIENT\c$\Program Files\) I get an error after a long time.  In addition when I try to pull up the client's local groups in the Hyena administration program, I get "RPC server unavailable."  

So these XP machines work perfectly on the network, but I cant access them at all, not just root, but even with a \\CLIENT\ attempt.  

All of my 2000 clients are accessable.

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it sounds like a security issue. Disable the Firewall from SP2 and see if it works.
Check the DNS settings on the XP machines.
Do you have Service Pack 2 on them.  One of the companies I worked for rolled out WinXP SP2 and Hyena stopped on all of them.  We made the appropriate holes in the firewall, and were able to use the program again.  You also should check to make sure file and print sharing is open in the firewall.
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