pasting into a DataGrid

Does anybody have any code or advise on how i can paste into a grid.

Of course i can already paste into one cell at a time but how could i for example:

copy 3 horizontal cells in Excel, lets say cells A1 to C1.

then go to my DataGrid which has rows of data, click into the top left cell, hit Ctrl-V and get the 3 values that i copied from excel and have them paste into the first 3 cells of my Grid.

is this possible at all ???

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank a lot
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There are quite a few ways you can achieve what you want, I will list them in order of preferences...

Since you have a dataGrid you must be having a DataTable which is used to populate the Grid. For a grid all data related operations should be done on that underlying Table, (your DataTable might be local to a function, you can make it a form level variable so that it can be accessed)
So say your DataTable that the Grid bounds to is DT

       Dim DR As DataRow
        DR = DT.Rows(2) 'Say its the Second Row you want to manipulate
        DR(0) = A1
        DR(1) = B1
        DR(2) = C1

this will do what you want, A1/B1/C1 are the variables holding the copied values from the Excel Cells

DataGrid.Item(1, 1) = "Any Value"  'Put some value in cell 1,1 of the Grid

Now in case you have used Clipboard to copy data from Excel, you might be forced to Use Ctrl+V, this is not recommended though as this type of programs are not very robust, anyway here goes

        DataGrid.CurrentCell = New DataGridCell(1, 1) 'Set Focus on the Cell
        SendKeys.Send("^(V)")  'Use SendKeys to simulate Paste
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