Static Linking


in my VC++ settings I can static link the MFC. But is it possible to link static the msvcr70, msvcp70 and the msvci70 so that it is not needed to install the DLL of this Runtimes onto target system?

Some Guru here who can explain this to me?

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In the project file properties, goto Configuration Properties | C/C++ | Code Generation. There, you will see an option for Runtime Library. Set Either MultiThreaded or Multi-Threaded Debug or Single-Threaded or Single-Threaded Debug. Do not use DLL as that will force DLL to link at run-time. My recomendation is to use Multi-Thread. However, if you're linking to a static lib and/or DLL, then this setting MUST match what the lib or DLL was compiled with. You CAN NOT use Single-Threaded  in your lib and specify Multi-Threaded in the exe or vice versa.

Hope this helps.
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