Error Reporting in Stored Procedures

I have a master stored procedure,sp_overall_proc.This executes 2 stored procs,sp_proc1 and sp_proc2.

All that these sp_proc1 and sp_proc2 do is populate tables,based on certain conditions.
Inside of each,I have checked for errors and assigned to local variables and done simple print messages.Is there a way I can pass these error codes to the overall stored procedure ,such that error reporting is done by the sp_overall_proc rather than the internal stored procedures?

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Yes, you can return numeric code from a stored procedure. Assume you have a local variable @errCode in your stored proc, then you can return from that stored procedure with

return (@errCode)

Make sure you have the parentheses around the variable. You would call this from the main stored procedure like this:

execute @returnedError = sp_proc2 ...
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