more than 75 cals

Is there any way, experimental or otherwise, to increase the user CALs on Small Business Server beyond 75?

What would happen if I purchased 5 additional CALs and tried to add them to the server?

Is there a registry edit or other hack I could use to add 5 additional CALs?

Mike P.
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ccomleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No - time to buy Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. :-)

Frankly, I'm surprised you got as far as 75 before getting fed up with it, we find it's fine for 20-40 but much more than that and we start to find all sorts of reasons to wish we had Standard Edition servers - more than one of them too!

kduggerAuthor Commented:
Have you heard of the transition tool for SBS? Good, bad or ugly? It is supposed to take the limits off of the AD and exchange users. But does it also take the 1 exchange database limit off, allowing 4 private databases and 1 public?

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