Multiple Prints when doing screen shots in Client Access from Citrix

This is bizarre, Client Access 5.7 on a Citrix metaframe server running Windows 2003 Server.  When a user does a screen shot in Client Access it prints just fine to their default printer.  If they print several screen shots in quick succession it makes all the screen shots 1 document.  I can't duplicate this from any other windows application.  the windows printing goes through a Windows Server 2003 print server and then back over LPR to the thin client they are using and then to the printer over parallel cables.

for example on the page it prints screenshot1, then a couple of blank lines, then screenshot2, and etc.

Any ideas why this might be happening and how to stop it?  I'm the Windows guy, the AS400 guy says it is not his issue.

Side question, to HP 1100 and HP 1300 printers sometimes the print is garbled from client access.  Never from windows, test pages and other docs are always clear as can be.  If we go into the print properties and specify the printer as an HP5 it works great, but we never have to do this on the PCs, even the PCs printing to the same printer in the same way.  See above.

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dedy_djajapermanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi trebligb,

There are 2 different modes of "print-screen" in AS/400 client.
a. PrintScreen to spooled file/HostPrint (then subsequently the spooled file is printed to the default OUTQ)
b. PrintScreen of Client Access , buy going to File->Print Screen.

I think your user is using option b above, and not much anyone can do, because of the nature the task is done. The process basically is to copy the content of the screen to a temporary file, and then print the file. If the user do multiple print to fast, then consequently it will print into the temporary file before it had the chance to be closed.
You may want to consider method a to print if you really want to solve the situation.
If you want to try this, then you should talk to your as/400 guy about the DEFAULT OUTQ of the users. If the default outq is not pointing to any printer, the HostPrint will not straight away printing to printer (but to spooled file)
ShadowProgrammerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you know how the users are selecting to print the screen shots ?

If the user is using HostPrint, there is a possibility that the AS400 program they are using at the time, is programmed to trap the "print key" and produce a print in a specific way instead of a normal "screen print"; for example print all "screen shots" to one spool file until program ends.

ShadowProgrammerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PS. If the users are using the HostPrint,

(1) Tell the "400 Guy" it is his issue to check if the AS400 program is programmed to trap and override the print key action.

(2) There is always the possibility that this is what the users originally asked for when doing a print screen from this particular program and this has been forgotten over time or new users now wanting something different.

trebligbAuthor Commented:

it is option B with them doing File, Print Screen.  I think the print spooling is just a little slower in Citrix than on a PC causing that spool file not to clear fast enough.  Not a thing I can do about it I guess.  They run 2 or 3 5250 sessions at a time per user and try to print back to back out of them.  We'll teach the users to do a print screen, wait until they hear the printer start and then do the next print screen.  They are going to a GUI based front end for the AS/400 app in a couple of months anyway so it is short term pain.

Thanks everyone!
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