Monitor Resolution Control

It is okay you can laugh, call me a noob, and an idiot--I'll still love you guys, but
is there a way to have an endusers monitor automatically change to a designated
resoulution when they load a webpage?  If so could someone tell me how to do this?
For example Jane types in  
Her computer is set at default 640 x 480.
But the site she just entered is best viewed at 800 x 600.
Is there a way to auto set her monitor to 800 x 600 through some sort of script
without her having to adjust her monitor on her own?

In advance thank you for all you lovely suggestions, comments and name calling.  
All are greatly appreciated.  :p

Franky B.
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BatalfConnect With a Mentor Commented:

No, it's not possible by Javascript to do anything with the clients computer. The computer is the owners domain and no webpage is allowed to alter anything.

There may be activeX controls out there that could do something like this, but most Antivirus software will detect them as malicious scripts and you shouldn't even consider it.


ZvonkoConnect With a Mentor Systems architectCommented:
No, there is no way to change monitor resolution trough a web page.
jessegivyConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Wow, 640 x 480 is that a 486?  I am sure that there is a way to set the resolution of your client pc but to be honest, I feel that manipulating their machine is a bit vindictive.  If you do come up with a solution I pray that you will reset the resolution to it's origional settings when they browse away from the page!

The nicer solution would be to dynamically size your page.  I'm not sure what kind of content you are talking about but if it's really an issue then that's what I would do.  The company that I work for has gone with the convention that there is a large amount of the populus that uses the same screen resolution so the site should be fixed to that size.  Do you really need to cater to those folks that are still running ancient machines?  Perhaps if you are talking about retail but it shouldn't really be an issue.

Good luck, I'm sure someone out there has a lengthy script to get the job done.
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danataylorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nope!  Can't do it...  Might be some sort of ActiveX control out there but I couldn't find any with several searches.  A lot of people are turning off ActiveX in the Internet zone (for good reason) and IE is the only one that supported it, anyway.

And - Did you stick your tongue out at me?!
I dare you to come over here and say that!
frankybonesAuthor Commented:
All thank you bunch’s for your posts.

My intentions are neither vindictive nor malicious--the reason is because I am building a learning program for a global company.  Some of the end users will view the content at a kiosk where because of admin reasoning they can not change their monitor settings from the default 800 x 600.

However, most would say build the content at 800 x 600.  I say why cater to those few (even though the number is grossly large) when the populous of end users within the company CAN change their settings...even though some are too lazy and despite the few users who do not know how to change the settings.  So in hopes that maybe since games can alter monitor settings (yes I know it is local running app) that by chance one would know how to do the same for the internet.  Please understand I have to find ways to satisfy the gluttons I do work for - for a micron of the cheese - so I have to play by their constraints and try to do the best I can.

For danataylor--I hope I did not offend you--I read your tone as such. ;)
Me! Offended! I was absolutely devastated! ;)

Good luck - Hope you find an answer...
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