An error msg "...Date..." half-way during Setup.exe

I used Package & Deployment Wizard to produce a "setup.exe"

On the user-PC, during half-way when running installation (setup.exe), an err msg says "....Date...", and the setup process stops half-way.

(i am not sure about the err msg, becos the installation is done by another colleague, but it has something to do with 'Date').

It is not due to system or vb library files missing, because the setup process has not even completed. Also, while testing on another 2 PCs, they work fine.

What could be the reason ? How to solve it ? How come on this PC there is this error ? Can i install VB6 on this PC, then uninstall it, and let the VB library files remained ?


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:) You may want to narrow down that error message, as it will be hard to figure out what's going on without it.  The only thing that comes to my mind is this message:  PRB: Multiple "System Files Are Out of Date" Errors


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