Problems setting up an FTP server

I want to be able to connect to a windows2000 server  from my laptop using ftp.
On the windows2000 m/c, I enabled ISS by following

I have given the username/password as my windows username and password and I am inside a corporate firewall.
When I try the ftp, I keep getting the error msg "Login failed" User cannot logon.
Any idea why this is happening?
For username, I tried Domain/username and just username with my standard windows password, but no luck.

How I have set up the username is:
Site FTP properties>Security Accounts>Username>Browse> and I have picked out my usernmae from a list that had everyone in the company.

Thank you.
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Standard FTP setup in FTP software --

Site Name -- anything
Site address --   -- DO NOT use the ftp:// prefix here, it doesn't work
site login -- always a login -- no anonymous for another known site, it will limit what you can send
site PW -- always a PW  -- if not, the other site won't athenticate.
folder -- if this is a webserver, like a linux server, use -- public_ftp
If a private server, use the folder you want it to go into.

Once you have the parameters set, there is NOTHING that cannot be uploaded, unless --
1.  the file name includes illegal characters, like *&?
2.  The other site has restrictions on what can be uploaded.

Also, leave the ftp software in the default port mode -- port 21 is the standard FTP port.

Check routers at BOTH ends, make sure they are not blocking port 21.  Also, if a DSL line, make sure that the DSL ISP (your phone company) is not blocking port 21 traffic on their network.
try  domainname\username in the address field where domainname is your domains netbios domain name.
what are you using as you FTP client?

if you dont know your network's netbios domain name, go to start, run, cmd and run the "set" command
look for the line called USERDOMAIN, it will be near the bottom
mytiligAuthor Commented:
For the client, I am doing ftp on
ftp servername
Also tried doing on the browser

Tried the domain name exactly as given in the USERDOMAIN under set, still getting the same msg Login failed.
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i never said anything about putting  user:password@server in the address field of the browser.....

the browser address field is where you tell your broswer where the ftp server is.  you should have in there.  then after it prompts you for your username and password you need to enter in domainname\username in the username field and then your password in the password field.  

the same holds true for connecting via comand line.... your username should be domainname\username
also,, i just thought of one more thing,,,, does this account have NTFS permissions to your FTP root folder?
mytiligAuthor Commented:
Yes I have permissions to ReadWriteExecute on the complete c drive of the m/c that runs the ftp server.

anyhow the msg is "Login incorrect."

I have tried domainname\username but it does not work.

mytiligAuthor Commented:
I think you are talking abt ftp client.

I am trying to set up an ftp server on a remote machine, so i can do ftp to this machine from my laptop.
it is at my work, so there shd not be any ISP issues.
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