Unable to load /proc on Linux red hat 9. Getting segmentation fault.

I am having problems with my Linux server.  I was getting a segmentation fault when I was trying to mount a mapped folder from a windows 2003 server.  I kept getting a segmentation fault error.  Well I rebooted the system and now I cannot get in.  i can only get into single user mode as well as emergency mode.  I do not know what to do.  most of the info I am getting is to reinstall the O/S.  I need to see what else I can do before this.  Please help me ASAP.
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sciwriterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the partitions are bad, yes that means reinstalling.  When you did the initial setup did you customize the partitions, or use the default?  On several linux installs (except mandrake), I found that choosing customized partitions ended up with a non-working system.  On those installs, if I let IT decide the partitions, it worked.  Clearly an install problem -- but yes, this could generate the error -- but there are lots of other possibilities as well.
The segmentation fault error can be caused by many things -- bad RAM, wrong drivers, bad TCP stack, in general it simply means a memory error has occurred that ususally relate to the wrong drivers for the wrong devices, not necesarily physical ram.  Read the first dozen or so here, it is a lot, but there are a lot of possibiliites too.  So check some of these out, while waiting for others to respond ...

also check for bad disks...
ScryptionsAuthor Commented:
I have ran fsck on all the disks and they are fine.  I am thinking the partitions are bad.  I have replaced the ram and other components.  I will check the link provided
rather than fsck, i would recommend you to run manufacturer's utility on disk to check the entire surface. . and since those work above partition and filesystems,they often catch errors better

as sciwriter suggested, this often causes due to bad ram or bad disk (usually in the swap area)
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