What does a VPN allow me to see on the remote network?

I'm configuring my first VPN. I'm using a Netscreen 5GT Extended running ScreenOS 5.0 at work, and using Netscreen-Remote for client-side access. I'm working on the policies that govern the connection, but I still don't understand what I'll be able to see when the connection is complete.
What should I expect? I want to use the widest selection of services (ANY). Once the client software negotiates the connection, what happens next?
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A non-SSL VPN allows unicast access to the network just as if you were directly connected to it.  This is true as long as nothing is purposely blocking access like firewalls, etc.  You should be able to use any application using ICMP, UDP, TCP.

If you need multicast, a VPN with GRE is needed.
allenwilkinsonAuthor Commented:
I've established a connection between hosts. I can ping the remote host from the client. I don't know what to do next to begin using resources on the remote host.

I'm the Network Administrator on both ends.
this browse over vpn may help, http://www.chicagotech.net/vpnbrowsingissues.htm
allenwilkinsonAuthor Commented:
I've discovered that the answer to my question is nothing. As plemieux72 pointed out, all I get is access. For remote control once access is established, I've turned to the Remote Desktop for XP clients, and VNC for Win98 clients. This provides the GUI that I needed.

Thanx for the help folks. I'll be splitting the points.
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