Public IP Address Added To my Cisco Router for Application Access

Okay, I have a Cisco 506 Firewall and I have an application that needs to be able to be accessed from the outside.

My firewall has a public and private interface.  70.XX.XX.XXX and 10.X.X.X.  I have assigned a public IP address to the server hosting the application, now how do I go about granting my outside users the ability to access it?  

I need my outside users to be able to enter the public IP address or External DNS address and be routed via a port forward to the application on server.  Do I need to add an additional interface to the router?  I would like to be able to ping the public IP of the server to verify it is working.

Can someone help?

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Hi Randy,

Please verify whether your application is TCP or UDP. It's very important. The example that I write is based on SMTP traffic. Update it to suit your application.

access-list 100 remark ---=== Ethernet Inbound Traffic ===---
access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq smtp
static (inside,outside) tcp 70.XX.XX.XXX smtp 10.X.X.2 smtp netmask 0 0
access-group 100 in interface outside

and 10.X.X.2 is your SMTP server

I hope this make sense. Remember to change TCP to UDP where applicable.

Good Luck.

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