Programs freezes when trying to connect remotely to Firebird from an delphi 7 midas-application

Hi colleagues,

I build an midas application with Delphi 7 using some of the included interbase components which are IBTransaction, IBDatabase, IBTable and IBQuery. As a database I'm using FireBird. To communicate the one with the other I use the following Delphi's Data Acces components, ClientDataSet, the DataSetProvider and the DataSource all of the Data Acces tab.

Running the application locally works fine, but if I put the database elsewhere in the network (active directory), running the application will freeze everything on the 'db-machine'/server.
I made a form for the application server to tell me the amount of current connections to the application server. If I start the client application on the 'db-machine' and then the one on the client the amount will be shown correctly, so it connects to the application server, but only when I have first started the client application on the 'db-machine' otherwise it won't it will say that the database is unavailable. In all sircunstances it is not opening the client application for work, it won't pass trough the application's login-form.

Note: I'm using a Delphi version which is not registered and FireBird can it be that my issue has to do with licencing?

I took the following steps in order to get the whole thing running:

A) Server/db-machine:
1. Installed the FireBird server on the 'db-machine'
2. Using IBAdmin4 I configured the server for tcp/ip and created the user to be owner of the db and the created the database
3. Made an ini file containing the database_path and servername('db-machine') in c:\windows\system32
4. Ran the application server (app serv and db serv on the same machine) to register the dcom
5. gain user access to the app server using dcomcnfg

B) Client machine:
1. client exe thogether with it's ini file (connection=dcom and host=db-machine)
2. Copied the midas.dll to the c:\windows\system32 and register it

I think I made all the correct steps, please correct me if I'm wrong.
This is very urgent due to the fact that I'm in the delivery stadium.....

I hope someone can help me solve this issue I will appreciate it very much, thanks.

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Excuse me for the delay (The reason is I changed my e-mail address for messages from experts-exchange):
> 3. Made an ini file containing the database_path and servername('db-machine') in c:\windows\system32

may be the format of the database_path you save in the .ini file is wrong, so FireBird can not use it ....
If you use the Microsoft format about the Server machine as:
it is incorrect

Try to use like following format:

Best Regards,
I think, you may use this format too:
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cuautomatiseringsdienstenAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your reaction, I was allready thinking that I did something wrong, because I got no reactions.

I am able to get the program working remotely, but having that one running and running a second one that in this case is installed locally the last one freezes. It seems that the system is not allowing multi-user. Is it possible that this has someting to do with licensing?


I am not experienced enough in this stuff about the Data Acces components .... I am using only  Interbase components.
First of all you don't mention where you use the MIDAS layer, I mean how your server is made - COM, MTS COM+, ... ?

I makes sence if it is remote component, otherwise you don't have to use MIDAS, because as far as I remember, if requires some licence you use it in client-server environment.

Where you put TDataSetProvider, in what type of application ?
cuautomatiseringsdienstenAuthor Commented:
Emil and Ivanov,

Thank you both for your comments.
I had work with the IBcomponents from IboObjects in the past, because of the fact that IBX is free I try to use it, but I went back to the IBcomponents and it works fine know.


cuautomatiseringsdienstenAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone,

I would like to close this question. Can somebody tell me how to?


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