Where do I go to download the WEP protocol?

Hi, I just got a new Dell Latitude X300 and it's got a built in wireless card, but I need the WEP protocol in order to get it work with my network.  Where do I need to go to get it?

Thanks, Jeff
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
WEP - Wireless Encryption Protocol is included with the capabilities of the wireless network card you are using.  The card musts support WEP 64, 128, or 256 and you must use the one that matches your wireless access point.    You don't need to download anything; you do need to configure something.
schne317Author Commented:
Ok, but when I go into Network properties, I don't see the WEP Protocol listed as I do on the other machines on my network.
Go to start -> settings -> network connection and click on you wireless card.

Select properties.

On top there should be a tab like "wireless networks"

click on that tab. Well down below there is a button: "add"

in that new windows you can add a wireless network and select web as security setting.

Hope this helps


As I have mentioned above, WEP encryption cannot be found within network properties.

You are looking at the wrong place.

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