Dreamweaver cannot open jpg files?

Several students I support have received the following message when trying to drag and drop an image onto a web page from the Files panel.

Dreamweaver cannot open jpg files. Please choose an html, xml or other compatible file

I've run across this before, but only with oddball file extensions or extensions not supported by DW.  Why would it give this error instead of adding the image?
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
I would Check the Following for the Computers Having problem with Drag and Drop.

1 . Version of DW and the Version of Browser they using.
2 . .JPG is added as a valid extenion in DW preferences?

Please advise your student, try to use Insert > Image (Ctrl+Alt+I)
to insert the image into the document first

I guess Dreamweaver so funny that it thinks that jpg is a text file like html and try to open it.

AcydTripAuthor Commented:
While I greatly appreciate your input, the answer was completely different from anything suggested or anything I had thought it could be.

just for the record, the problem had to do with the files themselves, they were .jpg files created in Photoshop, and when I downloaded them and tried to open them in another program I discovered they had been saved as CMYK.  Fixing this fixed the problem.

Not sure how to close one out without points?
Farah IbrahimCommented:
I guess the only solution is not to add drop into the html file, instead try to copy the file and include through the computer folder, where your folder is the html folder *you open through the laptop, not copy paste inside the dreamweaver as dreamweaver is unable to copy the file.
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