Upgrading my filemaker software

Hi, I am running and old version of FileMaker (mabye 4.x)

I have to upgrade my dying server. I dont think I will be able to install my old software on the new server. What is the latest version and do you think I will have trouble migrating my data?
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no, fm v4 client connects only to fm server v3
fm server v6 does not exist, only 5.5, and is compatible with clients 5, 5.5 and 6.
in other words: NO!
You may install filemaker server 3 under w2k, and fmaker 4 client under w2k and xp as well.
For osX, it will run under classic if yr classic prefs are OK and not read only for a given user.
Migrating to fm6 is easy, only links to external scripts have to updated for new names if you are using file extensions (pc).
On macs, nothing to do.
Migrating to fm7 (the latest) is a lot more work, things have to be reviewed, but that depends on the complexity of yr app, but it is not as strait forward as it was between 4 and 5/6.
haneedesAuthor Commented:
wow thanks so much

can fm4 clients connect to fm6 server?

in other words, can i upgrade only my server and not all the clients?
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