Hotmail Login Page comes up Page Not Found using IE 6

I have a machine on which we have several accounts.  No matter the account, when I try to login to Hotmail (request my .net password) the login page comes back with the standard Page Not Found error.  I am using XP Pro with SPII.  IE6.  This works fine on other machines tested, but on none of the accounts on this machine.  

I am also experiencing a similar problem with my login at so it's not just limited to Hotmail.  NOTE:  This machine also has Opera Browser installed.  In the case of audible using opera, I get logged in automatically (the account owner previously must've saved the login) however if I use Opera to actually to to the login page and login manually I get the same results as IE (except opera just reports it cannot connect to the server)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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It may be a AdWare/SpyWare. Try any online scanning site such as
Did it start happening automatically? And on all the accounts simultaneouly? When did you realize it? Try creating a new account and test to see if the problem is with a new account as well.
jfthulAuthor Commented:
I believe it did start all of a sudden.  Not certain what the trigger event(s) may have been but it has been going on for some time now.  Did setup a new account and tested, getting the same results
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Try Restore the default settings in the advaned for your web browser.
Open IE, In the Menu tab goto Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced tab, Down right theres a restore default choice click on it.

Now check your TIF, If they are clean or there some stucked files and wont be deleted.
Doing this manually is going to be better than right clicking the IE and deleting them from there.

Open My computer, Goto where is Documents and settings located, Or TIF If you have Other OS than XP, or 2000, Clean All the files existed inside the folder of TIF, If the folder is empty, Try loging with your account, if it doesn't.
Click Start --> Run -> Type control userpasswords2
this will give you a small box with 2 tabs, Users and Advanced

Click On manage Passwords locating in the advanced tab.
Delete all the Stored names and passwords.

Now try and see if this works or not?

Good luck
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
My computer does this periodically especially at peck usage times.  Your system doesn't matter.  Try it in the middle of the night.  My feeling is these websites limit usage so their systems don't crash.
jfthulAuthor Commented:
The Adware Spyware stuff seemed to do the trick.  Also had a NIC card that wasn't seated fully so that may have been a contributing factor.

Thanks for the assist all

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