Sharing 2003 Active Directory printer with workgroup PC's

I have a newly created 2003 domain with networked printers. I would like to have 4 PC's which are currently in a workgroup access the printers. This is just a temp. situation. The 4 PC's will be joining the domain in about a month. Is this possible. If so, how can I grant them access?
All PC's get IP addressing from the DC. Same Subnet. All XP Pro boxes.

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bwalker1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you left the security permissions on the printer default?  If so then just connect to the print server "\\servername" double click the printer and you should be good to go. (there are more ways to do this but I find this the easiest)

If you have changed the security permissions on the printer, then add the local accounts to the ACL of the printer and assign the appropriate persmissions.
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