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Exchanging links

I am in the process of exchanging links with other sites to boost our PR.   Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?  

My plan so far is to have a form so websites can submit their information.  Send out emails with an invitation to exchange links with our info included.  All this seems like a lot of brute force work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You're right, it is a lot of work, but only if you want to do it right.  It sounds to me that you're on the right track.  A couple of reminders:

The quality of incoming links is more important than the quantity of incoming links.  The ideal link exchange partner is a site with subject matter related to your site and a high PR - remember that PR is passed page-to-page, therefore the only relevant PR is the PR of the page your link appears on.  You want your link to be a text link (look out for javascript or other kinds of non-text links) on a page without a lot of links - 20 is ok, 10 is better.

Also very important - take a look at this thread regarding the proper syntax for your incoming links - "What's the proper way to link exchange?" - www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Online_Marketing/Q_21116370.html
And don't forget to submit your site to quality online directories as they can be a source of good incoming links.  The best of these is the Open Directory Project (www.dmoz.org).  Read their submission guidelines, carefully select the appropriate category for your site and then submit it.  Be patient, it can take 3-6 months to get added to the directory, but once you do your site will be picked up by numerous other directories and search engines.  It's worth the wait.
rwhubbard996 -

>exchanging links with other sites to boost our PR

Exchanging links to boost PR is a dying stratagem. Link to other sites because they will be useful for your users and get sites to link to you because it will be useful for their users.

>have a form so websites can submit their information

This is a complete waste of time because 99% of the requests will be from the very sites you should not want to exchange links with. The best links will be the ones you have not asked for and will have been placed because you have a site worth linking to.

Keep in mind that one quality link can be worth 100 rubbish links.

>suggestions on how to go about this?

On no account use automated software for reciprocal linking. Any site that is really worth getting a link from has a webmaster who can recognize an automated request and trash it in a nanosecond. The best way (if you have a quality site yourself) is to hand craft the link requests with friendly personalized emails so at the very least the webmaster knows you have had a good look at their site. If it is a 'must have' link give the webmaster a friendly call.  Keep records of your requests in Excel so that you can follow-up etc. Don't forget to vary the anchor text in your requests and record this in your spreadsheet as well so you get a nice mix.

- duz

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