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Hi Expert,
I have about 80 Notes mail users. Everytime user creates a new mail, I want the system adds his/her signature automatically into that mail (information will be retrieve from address book). As I understand, I need to modify their mail databases (80 databases), is it correct? Or is there any other ways? Please help...
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I take it you have the user signature stored as an HTML file in the address book.

Do you mean public Directory (server address book) or user contacts (private address book)?

If the Directory, I'm guessing you have a rich text field on the person document that either contains the signature file attached, or the signature embedded directly in the field.  Which one? The ways of copying it in will be different.  Note that mobile users will not have access to this!

If the personal contacts, I have no idea where you might have stored it, you will have to explain.

Either way, there is a script library in the mail file -- I think it is the UI common routines -- that inserts the signature when using the client. You will want to look for .Import, which is what does the actual import.  You would replace that bit of code with you own, which would retrieve the NAB signature field, and either copy it (embedded) or detach and import (attached).
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Please read this (although I dislike modifying templates): http:Q_21148934.html "Append Disclaimer at Bottom of Memo"

The alternative is to prepare an HTML-file that everybody is to store on his system. They should also specify that signature-file in their Mail preferences as HTML signature file. Works perfectly, no modifications required.
phuongnguyenAuthor Commented:
Hi Sjef,
Thanks a lot for the comment. In fact, we are using HTML signature file and now they want to change the way :)) Can you tell me what is the disadvantages if we modify templates? Since I do not have any experience about this.
Many thanks. PN.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
To me, the disadvantage is that when there's a new release or an update installed in your environment, and there is new and useful mail functionality, you have to repeat the modifications to the newly arrived template. No big deal if it isn't a big change, but it must be done. So document your change well, and go for it if you don't plan to upgrade every 4 months when there is a new maintenance release.
By the way, I never got around to it, but one of the features we were looking to add to OpenNTF Mail Experience was the  ability to attach the HTML/GIF/JPEG signature directly to the mail file, instead of having it reside in the user file system.
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