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Difficulty with Cygwin SSH package

I'm installed CygwinX on windows so I can run Solaris apps on my XP machine.  But, am having trouble getting ssh to work with cygwin. www.cygwin.com says to install package first but I can't find the package on the cygwin website.  It uses openssh.

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You don'y have to install secure shell server for your XP PC, you can install any free ssh client, eg:
     Putty: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/%7esgtatham/putty/ 
     as long as you enable X tunneling.

     When you want to use X app from remote host, start  Cygwin then use the Windows
secure shell client to login to your *nix box, run the app (eg, xterm&) in your secure shell
terminal, and it will use  CygwinX  to display your app on the XP PC.

     If you still want to use openssh, please have a look at the instructions in:

     also a lot of usefull links and infor in http:Q_21353098.html

With Cygwin, you manually don't download a package.  You need to run the Cygwin setup.exe program and look through the list for OpenSSH, select it, and let setup.exe install it for you.  Trust me - OpenSSH is in there.
In cygwin setup,
openssh is under "Net" category.
Also select "xorg-x11-xwin cygwinX server" under "X11" for Xwindow server.
After install "xorg-x11-xwin cygwinX server", you simply type
to start an Xterm in cygwin.

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