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I have a 700 MB video clip of a movie.  I have Roxio 7 and a dvd burner.  When I try to add the video clip to the project to create a dvd, it replies that the disk (4.7G) has insufficient space.  So I tried to create a video CD, now it still replies that the there is insufficient space.  What's wrong, please help ?
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Hello, felixrocha,

Might as well try the dvd burner software, It can convert and burn different kinds of video formats to dvd.
Download it to try: http://www.dvd-tool.com/dvd-burner.html
What is the length of the video clip you are trying to write to the DVD? The filesize doesnt matter if you want to make a "DVD Video" playable on standalone DVDs. Roxio is performing the conversion to MPEG2 which is what is required for a playable dvd. If Roxio is using maximum bitrate (8Mbps) you will be able to hold one hour of video on a DVD. For longer video on a single DVD you need to encode the video with multi pass VBR mode and audio with AC3. This combination can allow about 2.5 hrs of high quality video on one DVD.

Consider using TMPGenc <www.tmpgenc.net> for controllable conversion to MPEG2.
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Take a look here :


That site has 2 possible pieces of good software to help you out with that problem :)
I am sure the first reply i gave was to the point and would have helped the user. Therefore, I claim the points.
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