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Efficient and Quick way to extract links


Is there any "EFFICIENT" way to extract links from html pages as I have to extract links from hundreds of web pages.

Now I am doing it as in http://javaalmanac.com/egs/javax.swing.text.html/GetLinks.html

Code is highly appreciated.
1 Solution
Another method to do it is by using httpunit : http://httpunit.sourceforge.net/doc/cookbook.html
Can't tell you which one performs better but if HTMLEditorKit doesn't perform you might want to give it a try and compare.
You can also do that by using string matching (search for href) see: http://moguntia.ucd.ie/programming/webcrawler/
code is provided and the class that handles extract teh links is: http://moguntia.ucd.ie/programming/webcrawler/src/ie/moguntia/webcrawler/SaveURL.java
The benefits of using search by href pattern is that you don't need to parse and analyze the whole HTML Document (which probably takes time). But if you do it yourself you need to be aware of many factors like links inside an html comment, javascript based links, ...
yes, searh for every string in your file, that contains "http://" then get its lenght, and finally get whole url and so on.
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Rather than using indexOf, would it not be better to use a capturing Regular expression. You could use a pattern along the lines of "\\<a href=\"Q_([\\p{ASCII}]*?)</a>" as in this very basic example...

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(  "\\<a href=\"([\\p{ASCII}]*?)</a>", Pattern.MULTILINE );
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher( pHTML );//where pHTML is your HTML
while ( matcher.find() ) {
    strCapturedHTML = matcher.group(0) ;

I sometimes use something similar to keep a watch on sites to see whether they have been updated.
sumantedlaAuthor Commented:
Can I do anything to minimise the time of blocking for each request for the webpage.
You can use asynchronous IO and Selectors
using nio (Provided since 1.4) http://www.javaalmanac.com/cgi-bin/search/find.pl?words=nio

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