missing or corrupt: winnt root\system32\ntoskrnl.exe


I have a Compaq proliant server MT350 running NT 4.0.  I have an adaptec controller with two mirrored (Supposed to be)SCSI drives. It took forever to find the startup disks and the adaptec driver to load.

I have serveral problems.

1. EIDE CD, after booting to up is not recongnized.
2. I have an duplicate server, same hardware config but slight setup differences,  and I tried to create an Emergency Recover Disk and the Bloody thing won't fit on the floppy.  Where can I find the files on the C drive.

I need some direction here.

This is a critical server for me and all the data is on it.  We are down hard.

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Carlo-GiulianiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is hardware mirroring or software mirroring?   I am assuming hardware mirroring, but this problem could result from disk failure when using software mirroring.

When did this problem occur
 - the server crashed and won't reboot?, *or*
 - a normal reboot of the server failed?
Did you add or remove any disks or partitions since the last sucessfull startup?  

The message about missing ntoskrnl is likely to mean that the boot.ini settings are pointing to the wrong physical disk or partition.   It implies that you have a valid active partition, because the message is generated by NTLDR, so the boot process has started but then goes looking for ntoskrnl in the wrong place.

You need to boot up a floppy or CD utility that will allow you to edit the boot.ini file on the hard disk, or to create a boot floppy with a boot.ini pointing to a working hard disk.  To create a boot floppy, follow the instructions in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/119467/EN-US/

A CD-based utility like ERD command would be better because it will allow you to edit the hard-disk copy of boot.ini.  You can buy a downloadable copy at http://www.winternals.com/products/repairandrecovery/erdcommander2002.asp?pid=erd
I have used this tool many times and it is excellent.

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