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Hello Flash Experts!

I'd like to create a simple multiple choice using flash...I'm kinda new to flash though and I don't know how to do it. Can somebody help me out?


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you need to specify what exactly you want to do, there are many options.

ie. a button after each question that marks the question, options to include showing score, correct answer/feedback, or alternatively only scoring right at the end.

do you want to show one question at a time, or have all questions on the screen?

you need to consider this, and usually a good idea to use xml, but if you're looking for a simple basic,

1. set up the questions
2. use radio buttons for the answers
3. store the correct answers in an array
4. use a variable to determine current question (based on using next buttons or whatever)
5. on your button to check the answers, loop through the array and question number to determine if correct.
6. do whatever action you want based on the users answer.

if you decide exactly what you want to do, we can point you in a more specific direction

You'll find a XML driven Multiple choice at (scroll to the bottom find the:  XML >  multiple choice quiz, xml version)
Source .fla :

Jakob E

neomage23Author Commented:
Thanks everyone!

I got what I needed.
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