Can Domino 6.5 produce Billing report sorted by OU?

We would like to implement Billing so we could charge user's based on their mail usage.  I tried to look for sample Domino Billing report but to no avail.  Would the report be able to provide billing sorted by Department (OU?).  How do I get the billing report for DOmino R6.5 server?
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The billing report is just a view,and can easily be modified, if you have Domino Designer.  Edit the view design.  The first column is "User."  It has a formula of @Name([CN]; UserName). That means take the UserName field, which records the Notes ID name for the session, and use only the [CN] (common name) part.  Change [CN] to [OU1], and it will display (and sort by) the primary OU (e.g., in Kamar/Qwaletee/Experts/Exchange, it would return Experts).

If you want to drill down through OU's, do as follows:

1) Click on first column.
2) Edit -> Copy
3) Edit -> Paste
4) Make sure the first column is now highlighted
5) Change formula to @Name([Canonicalize]; UserName)
6) In column properties, on first tab, enable the TWSITIE option
7) Go to the second tab, choose the CATEGORIZED option from the second row of radio buttons
8) CLick no second column of view -- formula should be original @Name([CN]; UserName)
kamarAuthor Commented:
I have never implemented billing before, but Will I be able to use the mail usage information for each users as a basis for billing from the activity database.  Or will it be the log.nsf ?
The billing report built into the log is a very basic billing system.  When you use the billing add-in task, it actually generates billing information very differently.  Which one were you refering to?  Since you mentioned Sample Billing, I assumed you refered to the one in log.nsf.
kamarAuthor Commented:
What I meant was the activity.nsf.  Would it present something that we can use to charge our users on their email usage either via notes session or http (inotes)?

I beleve it would, but yuo may have to fine tune the way billing works.  You'll have to see if the activity recorded matches what you would like to charge users for.

- qwaletee
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