Stored Procedure Protection

Is there a way I can encrypt or password protect a stored procedure to stop anyone looking at or altering it in any way. If so will this affect any reports that I might run from it


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Creating a procedure WITH ENCRYPTION hides the proc code from everyone:

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you could use the encryption capabilities of the Multi-Protocol net library for encrypted data exchange between the client and server, other than that, be a good administrator and protectyour passwords, and ensure that your server is exploit free :)
polynominalAuthor Commented:
If I use Encryption, how can I take it off so I can seee the query myself
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You would have to run it through a decryption procedure to see it.
polynominalAuthor Commented:
You would have to run it through a decryption procedure to see it.

How owuld you do this, I used encryption on one of my stored procedures and now I cannot see it
From the EE Help FAQ - under Big Mistakes

Hacks, cracks and keys

We would like to think that everyone is using software that is legal, that they aren't the people who try to defeat the security of networks. We also know better. The bottom line is that this site does not condone piracy or script kiddie exploits and we will do what we can to eliminate the sharing of this kind of knowledge on the site.

When asking a question, if it is a clear-cut violation of the member agreement concerning the defeating of security of networks or defeating the licensing of software then the question will be deleted and you will either get a warning or a suspension depending on your history and the circumstances. If the question is borderline or if it is not clear that your intent is innocent, do not be surprised if a moderator or admin requests clarification about your intent.

If you are an expert and you see a question that is either a clear cut or borderline violation, please report it to CS. In your request, please explain why you think a question is in violation, but also consider if the nature of the question could be innocent.

Since a decryption stored proc would "defeat the security of networks" I hesitate to say anything. I am sure you understand.

polynominalAuthor Commented:
I understand, just my naivety with stored procedures, I am just learning it
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