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Is there anyway to determine how much toner is left in a toner cartridege?

I have often wondered if there was a sort of 'dip stick' out there that would allow one to check the actual amount of toner left inside of a toner cartridge.  I change out toner cartridges, and I do it when the printer's status LCD states, "Toner Low".  I shake the toner a few times, put it back in, and wait for the 2nd instance of the "Toner Low" to appear.

I just wonder if I am possibly getting false positives and replacing toner cartridges that have plenty of toner in them, but for what ever reason the printer thinks it is low.

How about weighing a full NEW toner cartridge to see what it weighs and compare that to an 'empty' or 'low' one?

Thanks in advance
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you can weigh a new cartridge, and an empty one; that would give you an idea about what is left, i even do it it with ink cartridges for a printer.
For the rest, if no tool is supplied by the manufacturer, it will be very difficult.
The answer is yes, and you got it right.  The correct way to measure the toner is by weighing the cartridge.  The empty cartridge has a weight, to which xxx grams of toner are added, and of course as it's used up, the weight decreases.

One caviat, some toner stays on the drum and is then scraped off the drum by a cleaning blade and ends up in a "waste toner" compartment inside the cartridge.  So this continues to be part of the weight of the cartridge, but is unuseable, and is difficult to precisely account for.

Since the toner is a very messy black powder that sticks to more or less everything, a dipstick or even a window into the toner compartment won't work very well.
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