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Hi there, I'm right now looking up information, because i don't know if i should buy a dell widescreen tv or just stick to my regular full screen tv,  the question is that if i got a dell lcd tv, how well my picture look, do i need to buy anything speical?  because right now i got dvd's at home are in widescreen format, and the black bars are a annoying lol!   help?!
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Just don't buy plasma.....their life span is measured in the thousands of hours.  I've never noticed a grand difference between lcd and cathode.  A quality Cathode does have better resolution than an LCD.
I own a Dell LCD, love it.  I bought mine (the new widescreen 24" flatpanel dell monitor, not the TV) so i could hook up my cable box to it (it has component in, among others), i can watch dvds through my dvd drive, and i can use it as a monitor for my pc.

you'd probably be really happy with any 16:9 format screen, be it a CRT or LCD or Plasma or DLP ... i own the dell above, plus i own a CRT-based Sony WEGA HD set (125pounds!) that looks as good as my buddy's big DLP quality-wise.
The black bars won't totally go away.  The aspect ratio of widescreen TV (16:9) still isn't as wide as cinemascope movies.  They may get smaller, but they won't go away.

You should be sure that you can interface your computer to the display DIGITALLY (DVI, typically).  Also, be sure that the vertical resolution of the display is at least 720 pixels (768 is better, 1024 or 1080 is better still)

I totally disagree with battlepigeons.  Because of convergence (registration) issues, you will never get the quality from a 3-CRT system that you get from an LCD or Plasma display (or from a DLP or LCD projection system).  All of these, by definiton, have "perfect" convergence which no CRT system can match.  A CRT system is fine for movies, TV, DVDs, but falls really short when you go to display a Windows desktop.

Also, while the comment on Plasma as to life is qualitatively correct, the life is more like tens of thousands of hours, with many now being quoted as 50,000 hours or more.
kliethermesAuthor Commented:
Humm, i understand, just this widescreen stuff is really new to me lol!   I should say that i got a dish network!  Don't know if that makes any differences or not!
I have a 44" LG DLP TV and think its great, its better resolution and picture than any plasma i've dealt with and can be around the same price depending on what you are looking at.  I think LCD is looking nice but still overpriced and not big enough.

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