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OSX server: DNS suffixes/search domains via DHCP?

Hi there,

we are currently in the process of implementing a Mac OS X server and upgrading all clients to X.
DHCP is working great, DNS servers are provided and activated on all clients.

But: We need to have two additional DNS search domains on all our clients, to give them the ability to use only host names instead of the longer FQDNs. But I can't find a way to provide this setting via DHCP or any other option on the X server.

Is there a solution or must I manually enter these domains on all clients? It'd be really cool to manage all network settings of the clients from the central server, so I hope there's a possibility. If it's not working via DHCP, then maybe with a script?

Note: We don't use the internal DNS service of OS-X-Server at the moment, because we have an established Linux Bind and a Windows DNS on location.

Thank you,
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if you are using Mac OS-0X Servers DHCP, make sure the server includes your chosen internal DNS server in its network setup. Second, make sure the IP address of that DNS server is included in the list of DNS servers that the DHCP server is giving out. You could use OS-X Servers DNS server to build the internal use zones you need as well - same as above, include the servers own IP address in the list of DNS servers in the DHCP setup - I suspect having it at the top of the list is best so lookups don't gou outside, fail and come back in - faster response.
wetzeladminAuthor Commented:
Hmm, that's not exactly what I intended.

We have an established DNS hosting the internal domains "wpg.wan". Now we want to list this "wpg.wan" suffix in the "DNS domains" sections of their network setup so that they can resolve hosts in wpg.wan without typing something like "my-server.wpg.wan". I'm searching for a way to populate this list from the central OS X server. Is this possible?

Sidenote: There is a "Standard Domain" field in the DNS settings of the DHCP server GUI. This field holds only one entry, and even if I set this to "wpg.wan", the clients can't resolve hosts in this domain without giving the FQDN.
yes, there is only room for one "default domain" (the domain the server belongs to) but you can list several DNS servers below - I have set this up at several places and internal names resolve just fine for the clients without them having to type fully qualified domains - I guess the clients have to be members of the same domain as the server and I'd guess the same subnet too, never tried and really tricky setups - but this is the way I setup intranets etc.
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