Print from one tray only

(Windows Server 2003 print server; HP LaserJet 4000 print device.)

I've created two printers on the print server pointing to this HP print device, each of which is printing from one out of two trays, as I've defined in respective printer properties. The users print from one or the other printer depending of what kind of paper they want to use. Works well.

However, when one tray is empty, the print device continues to print from the other tray, spitting out another kind of paper.

How do I tell either printer or print device to not switch to another tray, when one is empty, but to stop printing and display "Out of paper"-message. Unable to find this presumed setting.
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I'm not sure about the HP 4000, but most laser printers have a setting that allows you to control that. It can be called something like "Tray Policy" or "Tray Selection" to control that. Check through your printer's menu (in the paper handling menu) and you should be able to find a setting to force the printer to use the selected tray only. If the printer has a built-in JetDirect you can also do it from your browser.
Toggle the Menu button to the Paper Handling menu at the print devce. toggle using the Item button and specify the type of paper contained int each tray to match the contents listed at the server for each printer.

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Open up the printers page
Go to the printer properties (right click-->properties)
You should see a 'Printing Preferences' Button on the 'General' tab, also, there is a 'Printing Defaults' Button on the 'Advanced' tab
Both buttons will display what appears to be the same screen, however, the one displayed on the General tab are 'one off' settings, which apply only for this/the next print job.
Make permanant changes under the 'advanced' tab printing defaults button instead - these changes become permanent.
So for the first printer icon, open it's 'advance' tab and tell it to use tray 1 ONLY (no auto select either on the 'paper' tab, or under the 'advanced' button)
Do the same for the second printer icon, only tell it to use 'tray 2' (again, only tray 2).
If these changes are made via the 'Printing Defaults' button rather than the 'Printing Preferences' button (the advanced tab instead of the general one) your settings should stick, and relevant erros displayed when paper runs out from one of the trays
DiamondJoeAuthor Commented:
hdhondt, I've been through these settings, but didn't find any that seemed to apply; and none of the ones I've tried solved my problem. Thanks anyway.

egandp, I'm unable to find the setting you're talking about. I find "Use this tray", but no "Use this tray *only*". Thank anyhow, for your detailed answer.

jonoakley, following your comment solved my problem. Thanks very much.
Its good to know it worked out for you.
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