don't let iefeats defeat me........!

I've been pestered by iefeats for a long time now and would like to see the back of it for once and all...

Norton detects Adware.Iefeats but can't delete it so I run through the manual removal procedures. I also use Noadware and CWShredder to be sure & have run Nortons iefeats removal tools that can be downloaded from their site. I also run msconfig and remove anything I don't like the look of from startup. Following this my PC seems clean, but the problem soon comes back....spyware activity is detected and a scan using any of the three tools picks up iefeats again....

The file names vary, I currently have: atlyi.exe, d3ts.exe, ipet.exe, ipkb.exe, ntlo.exe, sifhg.dll cavorting around my harddisk...

Please help, I'm starting to consider becoming a Mac user so things must be desperate....

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you run Norton and other removal tools in Safemode?
Did you disable System Restore before cleaning the system in case if its WinXP?
Did you delete your temp internet files and ran disk cleanup to clean the system from all the junk files?

if No then do these things this time, and when you will post back, Download HijackThis from here, run it and Save the LOG file >>

Then Post that log at this site >>
hit the Analyse button, scroll down to the bottom, hit Save Analyse link, a new page will open, just post here the address of that page! :)
You can start to browse the web with Mozilla/Firefox

Its freeware. It really helps to stop getting infested by spyware and malware and all this crap.

bochgochAuthor Commented:
Tolomir -- The annoying thing is I use Firefox, BUT Microshaft make you use IE to download windows upgrades and that's where my problems started!!!!

SheharyaarSaahil -- Thanks, redone my full clean in safe mode, will test over the weekend and run Hijackthis if necessary....
TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
You could change security settings in the IE to high and and add windows update site to secure zone...

So the troublemaker ActiveX is disabled on all sites but on microsoft sites.

1.2 Windows 2000/XP Setup

  1. Double-click My Computer. Double-click Control Panel.
  2.  Double-click Internet Options
  3.  Open Tab: Security
  4.  Select the world icon (internet)
  5. change settings to high
  6. Select trusted sites
  7. Click on sites
  8. Add * to the list (make sure, the https:// requirement button is unchecked)
  9. press ok and close  all used windows
10. Now open in IE

Check in the lower frame of IE if it is maked as "trusted site"

This should be enough.

I'm using the resident teatimer from
it checks continuously if spyware is trying to install itself.

bochgochAuthor Commented:
Thanks both for the good advice -- I think I've got a fully loaded virus toolkit after that!
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