An IP address I can ping to test my connection

Hi there,

This might be a bit of a stupid question, but sometimes our router doesn't work and requires a reboot. So far this has fixed the problem every single time!

What I'm really after, is an IP address I can ping to determine if the router is letting me connect to the internet. (I can ping the router already when it doesn't let us connect).

Ideally a stable site such as or .com, or or even would be great, and if someone could explain how they got the IP address, it would help me a bit too!


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simonlimbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The IP for is:

I got this by opening a command prompt and typing:  tracert (whilst the connection to internet is working)  This command is called "trace route" and is used to trace the router hops your packets take to get to their destination on the internet.  The IP for the website you are "tracing" is diplayed in [ ] brackets at the top of the results next to the website address you entered.

Have you tried updating the firmware on your router?  This might help with your connectivity issues.  Firmware found on manufacturers website.
If you open a DOS box (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type "ping"
Make a note of the IP address it reports
Then you can just ping that IP address
Hope it's as easy as that for you
Giles_KennedyConnect With a Mentor Commented: currently resolving to

You might want to consider upgrading your router's firmware if its instability gets to be a problem
mr_chinchin25Author Commented:
Thats exactly what I was after, thanks a lot guys.

I'll be upgrading the firmware too!


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