Outlook not receiving email from Exchange in real time

I have a single user that has Outlook XP on his workstation.  It is connected to a local exchange 2000 std server via the exchange connector.

The problem he is experiencing is that Outlook will not receive mail till he clicks to a different folder in his list.  He has left Outlook in the Inbox for hours and nothing, when he clicks on any other folder, he receives his mail to his Inbox from the exchange server.

I have checked to see if he is using offline syncronization and it is not enabled.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have not run into this issue before.
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MicrotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is it on a xp machine with the firewall on?
if so...The correct way to solve this issue is as follows:

Leave the Windows XP Firewall on. But, choose to add a program to the list.
Browse to your Program Files\Microsoft Office directory.
Choose your MS Office applications directory (For Office 2003 it is Office11, Office XP is Office10, Office 2000 is Office9).
Choose the OUTLOOK.exe file.
Then, modify the scope to include your Exchange servers in the list.
chrismurrAuthor Commented:
XP SP2 was installed.  Of, course the firewall turned on and poof.  thanks for the reminder.
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