Fed up with VS.NET HTML/CSS Formatting!!

As the title suggests, i've just about had it with VS.NET formatting my HTML and CSS for me..... it's just awful.

As an example, if i type in... (and let's face it doesn't exactly *like* you typing anything in the HTML view) :

<div style="padding:0"></div>

Why, when i exit out and then back in again does it now look like:


So not only does it add unwanted attributes it also CAPITALIZES them.... i'm sure web standards say that CSS should be lowercase.
On top of that, it orders them in a completely random way... one minute i'm typing out a label at the top of the page next minute it's hidden in the mish-mash HTML it creates.

I've tried just about every option i know about in VS.NET.

Anybody else ready to slap MS silly?

I've probably blatently missed something so any pointers how i can stop vs.net 'helping out' that would be great.

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You will need to install a 3rd party HTML parser.  The blog mentions HTML Tidy.. but you will need to configure it to your likings, which can become a lenghty process.

The point here is, if you use Visual Studio .NET to write your HTML files, you will not be able to turn off the auto-correction.  You can however install a 3rd party software, such as (http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/)  and configure it so it will format to your likings.

Microsoft has also published a howto on this subject.  

I hope this helps.
Type25Author Commented:
Also, please don't reply with:

1) Use notepad
2) Use external stylesheet (i'm already doing this in a lot of cases)
3) Ignore it

Thanks!!!  ;)

Read this blog.. It will answer your question.

Type25Author Commented:
Right OK...   how do i change what HTML paraser VS.NET uses?

Type25Author Commented:
Thanks, that's what i was after.
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