Printing problem using XP and a DOT Matrix printer

I have Windows XP Pro and an Epson LQ 570+ Dot Matrix printer.  I am trying to print payroll checks.  When I had Windows 98 I had the ability to configure the settings under the printer properties.  With XP I seem to have a very limited ability to configure the printer.  When I go to properties I can only click the drop down box to choose what kind of paper to use like (letterhead, envelope, A5 etc).  When I try to print checks the printer goes into high quality mode and it takes for ever to print to begin with.  Since it thinks its printing on letter head it trys to advance the paper after printing the first check and I have to pause the printer and manually align it to the next check to print.  

So the 2 main problems here are:

1- Draft mode does not seem to work and the printer is printing high quality and it takes too long.

2- Need to be able to print checks with out pausing the printer and re-aligning it to the next check.

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What driver are you using?

If you are using the standard, built-in default driver for your printer type, see if Epson has a driver for download.  Also, if there is a Windows 2000 driver for that printer, try it (even though you are running XP).  You might even try an NT 4.5 driver.

Another option to truly force draft character mode, use a plain text ASCII only driver (not a driver for any specific printer).  You will find this listed under "generic" as the printer manufacturer.  There ARE places to enter codes for paper size select and feed select, although I'm not sure exactly how to do it.  You may have to make programming changes to use line feeds and not form feeds to go to the next check.
Typically when you are having problems with dot matrix you can use the dos NET PRINT command if it is a networked printer
Or just use the print command to set up the printer preferences for what your trying to do go here for a list of commands

Mangiola -- windows XP uses the "unidriver" model -- one size fits all -- sure, yeah, I don't think.

This is why you are seeing limited functionality.  In most cases -- not just your dot matrix, but keep it in mind for laser pritners too -- if you go to the manufacturer's websites and download drivers for the printer from windows 2000 -- w2K drivers -- that will give you the options you need.  ZP will complain the driver is not certified, but try it anyway.  This is true of Epson color printers, HP laserjet printers and many many dot matrix printers.  File that info away for all future limitations with XP "unidrivers".
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