2003 server and win9x sharing

I recentley upgraded from xp to 2003 server.  Now the only way i can access shares via the win9x boxes is to turn on the guest acct which I really do not want to do.  Is there a quick way to allow all machines on my local net to connect to these shares.  I repair computers so having to modify the win9x boxes would not be too time productive.  

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What happens when you try to access a share from the windows 98 box with the guest account off.  Does it prompt for username/password?  Do you get an error?
bpopolaAuthor Commented:
It only prompts for a password.  I tried the admin password and it does not work. I should say I only have tried this on a WinME box.  I am assuming 98 will be the same.  With XP it prompts me for a id/pass. works no prob.
Is your Windows 2003 Server running Active Directory or is it just used to share files.

If its just used to share files.  You have to create a user account on the server 2003 machine with the exact username/password as the one being used to log onto the windows ME/98 machine.

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bpopolaAuthor Commented:
just sharing. no active dir.  I will give that a shot.  
DSClient.exe found on Windows 2000 Server CD, in support tools.

This provides active directory services for pre-2000 windows operating systems.  Though you have no AD, this should at least put the structure in place to prompt for id/password vice just the password.

Its a very quick install and can be yanked right back off if need be.

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Windows Server 2003

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