Don't Have acces to a Directory

This it's my problem :

- I have installed a new hard drive with a new installation of Windows XP Pro SP1

- I put my old HDD on slave, and i have deleted all Directory except the "Documents and Settings" directory (Windows XP Pro  same version was here )

- Now i logon as "Administrator" in my new windows,  i have acces to my "Documents and Settings" directory, i can go to "\Administrator" folder but i can't going in my old "\Dany" folder where i have all my stuff !!!! "a kind of access denied messages"

- When i was with my old HDD my user "Administrator" get the same acces as "DANY" and i was able to watch stuff from each other...

Hope someone will know how to help me.....I WANT MY DATA :)

Thanks a lot again
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Yep, do as instructed must take ownership of the file.

User accounts have something called a SID (a security identifier) and this is different for EACH account including accounts with the same name. The SID is tied to the user account specified in the ACL for each file/ even though the user in the old system could access there is a new user (different SID) and that SID doesn't have access to that folder.
Access is granted by checking a user id, this is different on each computer different after each new installation.

So it doesn't help to access the files with the same account namebut you have to take ownership of a folder to get access to it.

Check this link as reference:;en-us;Q308419#3m

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