demoting old 2000 DC....

I have a 2000 DC which used to be the only one in the domain.
I have since brought up a 2003 DC and then transfered all the roles, but if I turn the old 2000 one off, exchange will start prompting people for their passwords and everything will stop working.
Is this just because the 2003 DC is trying to replicate with the 2000 one and it's not there, or are there some 'leftovers' that need to be removed before I do the demotion of the 2000 DC?
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Did you also do a dcpromo to demote the 2000 DC?  Can you check your DNS for your AD site and see what machine is referenced under_tcp

If you've properly removed the 2000 dc then it shouldn't show up at all.  These records tell certain services which server to point to.

You also need to ensure that the 2003dc is also the global catalog holder, a quick search in help will reveal where to find this.  Hint--->it is in AD Sites and Services.

Good luck
wlandymoreAuthor Commented:
I already ran the dcpromo and it seemed to take almost everything out. However, there is something that the exchange server is still pointing to the old 2000 DC for because exchange is still prompting for a password all the time and won't open up the mail box,even though the password is correct.

The DNS is gone and I looked through the registry and references to the old 2000 DC are gone too.

I don't know what setting is still left that's pointing to this machine....
wlandymoreAuthor Commented:

This was all because of a DNS entry. Someone had taken out the entry for the 2003 DC so it was only looking for the old 2000 DC DNS in the TCP/IP properties of the exchange server. It started failing badly when it had no DNS, etc.
Once I deleted the old entry and put in the entry for the 2003 DC everything started working well.

I don't have a problem with that.
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