weird resizing of label


How come the datagrid moves down when we place a text value in a label ?

l                           l
l          textbox       l
l             label       l                    
l          datagrid     l  <-----------------the datagrid moves one step down when i place "asdfg" to label
l                           l                          initially the label has no value (i've set label to font size 1 by click the object)
l                           l

Please kindly guide me to stop the datagrid from moving.

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thrill_houseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When a label has no contents, it has no height.  Once it has contents it has a height.  What I suggest is that you use a table, and set the height of the row, therefore the height will not be adjusted once contents are placed in the label.
lynntonAuthor Commented:
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