Lexar JumpDrive Problem with XP Pro

I have a Lexar jumpdrive and initially when I inserted it into the usb port it said that it found the hardware and was installing it. If I go to my computer I canno't see it listed. But if I go to the device manager under drives it is there and is enabled and says that it is working properly. I have tried to reboot but with no success.
I am attached to a company network that has drives F, G, I, J, L, N assigned to the network.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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There is another way to do this.  If you plug in the Lexmark, and it installs but no drive letter is assigned, you can manually assign a drive letter that is not in use.  

Right-click on "My Computer", select "Manage", go to "Disk Management"
Find the Lexmark (usually mounted as "Removeable Storage"), right click and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

Once you have done this, Windows should remember and use that drive letter the next time you plug in the Lexmark.  That way you won't have to mess with the network drive mappings.  
fanguru1Author Commented:
I just figured it out. I logged off of the network and logged on under my personal setup and it found the drive as F:.
So I went back to the network and reassigned the existing F: drive to O: and now when I open the F: with the drive in it works fine.
fanguru1Author Commented:

I like that better. Now it shows up under the removable drives and I can Map F: back. Excellent work. I thought I was going to assign the points to myself, but you definately deserve them.
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