UNC Error 64 “The specified network name is no longer available”

Alright..here we go......

I have 3 servers (Windows Server 2000) that do voice recordings real time.  At the time of the recording, it is streamed to a network share for storage.  Just before the recording is going to happen, my service checks the UNC pathname for the existence of the share.  On occasion I receive back an Error 64 “The specified network name is no longer available”.  

However (there always is one), this is happening on one machine while the other two are working and writing fine.

Additonal Info:
 - The setting on the share are set at full control for the windows service account that does the writing to the share.
 - THe share is set for Maximum Number of Connections  
 - The connection between the two machine is tcp/ip 100mb full (auto negotiate at both the switch and the nic), going through a Cisco 2950G switch.  I have nothing as far as collision or errors on the switch in 9 months of constant uptime.
 - I have no errors logged in Windows Event Viewer.  The OS is returing this error to my service AND a third party application I have running.

Please help!!  I have read (I think) every article relating to UNC, SMB, MTU packet fragmentation and have found no really solid wording on what the problem may be.  Thanks in advance!
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S ConnellyConnect With a Mentor Technical WriterCommented:
I've encountered something similar to this problem.

Possible solutions:
- This is an autodisconnect issue?
- A NIC card power management issue (check to see if the NIC is going into standby)

In order to reduce traffic and resources, Windows will automatically shut down network resources.

I believe the default for Windows 2000 is 15 minutes. It interesting that sometimes it is a problem and sometimes it is not.

There are two ways to fix this:

From a batch file (or type this in a DOS window):
net config server /autodisconnect:-1

Or a quick registry change:
Save this text beginning with "Windows" and ending with "ffffff" as a filename ending with .reg. From Windows Explorer just double click on the reg file and the registry setting will automatically be modified.

--------- timeoutfix.reg ---------------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Look at the following links for further information:
You should also look in your event logs for other "errors" that might appear at approximately the same time. It's possible that NetBIOS is running 'elections' in the background that are colliding with the need to resolve a name to an address or something like that.
authentifyAuthor Commented:
See, as I mentioned the weird thing is I have no corresponding errors in the Event Viewer.  Plus I don't think it could be a disconnect issue as this share is constantly be used by all three machines.

Does anyone know what the "Maximum Allowed" is (number wise) when you select the radio button Maximum Allowed under user limit.
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Windows 2000 Professional can only support 10 network connections and Windows 2000 Servers support an unlimited number of connections.

Sorry couldnt help you further.

That does raise an interesting question...

Check the licensing set up on the "server" (the machine sharing out the drive) to see how the licensing is set up. And, check the event log on that machine for any "out of licenses" messages.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterCommented:
authentify: Try my suggestion, it certainly won't hurt even if it does not work for you. I've seen your issue many times and it doesn't matter that the systems are always connected. The time may occur regardless of whether or not the systems are always connected.
authentifyAuthor Commented:
Sconnel:  Did that and we shall see.  It would be highly unlikely there is ever a fifteen minute window that there is soemthing not writing to it.
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