IFRAME and the parent page

I have this page that contains a flash object that shows a map for a country with its cities as links,clicking on a city link is supposed to load text specific to each city in an ifram, so the target of each link is the ifram with a querystring parameter of the city name, what I'm asking about is there a way for the parent page the one that includes the ifram & the flash to access the querystring parameter passed to the ifram, cos there is a link on the parent page called photogallery which when clicked is supposed to load the photogallery of the city the user clicked on the map,so how can I know which city is clicked except from the parameter sent to the ifram.

Hope my problem is clear,thanks.
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ThaSmartUnoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your iframe page you could add
<script type="text/javascript">

and in your main page (with the iframe and flash)
<script type="text/javascript">
 var tcity='';
 function setCity(city){ tcity=city };

 function showImage(){

and your link to load photogallery
<a href="#" onclick="showImage(); return false;">Photogallery</a>
JessyEzzyAuthor Commented:
Where am I'm supposed to add the code in the ifram, and what does substr(1) refers to why 1 and not 0?

substr(1) because location.search = "?" & querystring
so substr(1) gives you querystring

so im assuming your iframe gets a url like openpage.asp?somecity ... or

and anywhere (easiest would just be at the top)
JessyEzzyAuthor Commented:
Thanks it's done, but I used window.parent.setCity instead of opener cos it gave me an error.
ok well glad that worked =)
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